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Do you need air freight?

Need fast delivery of your cargo? We offer different solutions to meet your demand. 
  • Daily expedite departures with the coverage of ColliCare presence in Scandinavia, Finland, the Netherlands, the Baltics, Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, and Greater China beside its experienced partners in U.S.A, South America, Africa, Russia, CIS Countries and South East Asia.
  • On board Courier services 
  • Charter Flights Operations 

Premium – when it’s really urgent! 

Transit time: 2-3 days . Directly from airport to airport - the shortest and fastest route! Loading on the first possible departure to and from airports. 

Economy – when low price is important! 

Transit time: 4-6 days . Consolidated shipments - pick-up the consignment where you want, combine loads with other goods and forward them with one  of our regular weekly departures to and from the main airports. 

Parcel express by air 

  • Up to 30 kg
  • Door-door
  • Same-day delivery
  • Non-dutiable documents
  • Dutiable packages
  • Unlimited number of packages  per consignment 

We provide you with good solutions for: 

  • Door-door delivery
  • Consolidation and Cross docking
  • Distribution in Scandinavia
  • Handling customs related documents
  • Complete overview of your logistics – from  order to delivery with eCare, a userfriendly  web-based system
  • Minimizing administration, and attaining better capacity in your company

Quality control coworker China
Quality control coworker China
ColliCare Turkey can be “your partner” and ensure quality assurance of production, deliveries and transport.
Cross docking
Cross docking
With Cross docking from ColliCare you save money while reducing your company’s environmental footprint.