Try our new multimodal solution between Turkey, and the Netherlands via rail. 
It is ideal for exporting your cargo to the Netherlands, and importing goods from Western Europe. 

This multimodal solution is suitable for all kinds of cargo. We offer solutions for full truckloads (FTL), and full container loads (FCL).

Why choose for rail freight to the Netherlands:

  • a less expensive alternative to road freight

  • possible for both part and full loads

  • transit times up to 7 days

  • flexible deliveries from the terminal

  • it is an environmentally-friendly solution for long distances

  • flexible and easy accessible terminal on the west side of Istanbul


Flexible solutions that meet your needs

We can collect your cargo from any location in the Turkey, and get it on its way to the Netherlands. And with departures from the Istanbul area, also your sea cargo can be easily be transferred to rail inbound Continental Europe.

Rotterdam - Istanbul rail freight


Ready to try our multimodal solution to the Netherlands?

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Yalcin Geceren

Yalcin Geceren

Global Business Development